Delivering Events: Safety first!

Delivering events: safety first! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us review how our events achieve these and deliver events in a safe, flexible, effective and accessible manner. We realize that staying connected is more important than ever. We are therefore continuously working on the best ways to create a whole array of opportunities to connect and share knowledge, both in person and virtually, accessible to all members of the microbiology community. As we plan to return to in person meetings such as FEMS Conference on Microbiology, we are actively evaluating conditions and developing meeting guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all participants traveling to Serbia.     

We are closely monitoring the current national and local COVID-19 guidelines for in-person gatherings and travel restrictions since a lot can change between now and 30 June 2022. FEMS will be assessing the need for attendance requirements including vaccinations, testing, masking and social distancing and will update you as the policies are finalized in the coming months, via, and via email to registered participants and abstract submitters with approved abstracts.  

Present your science, in any case!  

FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2022 is planned as an in person scientific event, where after three long years, our scientific, professional and business community should gather again. In case of force majeure and enforced restrictive measures mitigating COVID-19, newly presented or still in force at the time of the Conference, the Conference will offer abstract presenters a virtual alternative to present their poster, on which you will be duly informed.  

Safety initiatives 

The conference organizer is making sure that on site all necessary measures are taken for your safety and health. You can find more information on local measures here: