Session 9 - Supported Research Projects and Impact of FEMS Grants on Professional Development and Outreach of Early Career Scientists

Vaso Taleski, North Macedonia
Jozef Anné, Belgium

  • Synthetic and Systems Biology Approaches for Improve Taxol Precursors Production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Behnaz Nowrouzi, United Kingdom
  • Investigation of multidrug-resistance plasmids and their genetic relationship from Spanish K. pneumoniae of UTI and retail meat
    Isidro García-Meniño, Germany
  • Multi-domain investigations of microbial communities associated with loggerhead sea turtles
    Klara Filek, Croatia
  • Malassezia comparative mitochondrial genomics towards sensitive diagnostics tools
    Anastasia Christinaki, Greece
  • Immobilization of cells of photosynthetic bacteria Rhodopseudomonas yavorovii for optimization of biologically valuable compound
    Olha Maslovska, Ukraine
  • Genome-wide mutation analysis of the L-Tyrosine overproducer Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 21573
    Eldin Kurpejovic, Turkey
  • Detection of the multidrug-resistant phenotype in Mycobacterium tuberculosis by molecular assays –a Polish-Lithuanian experience
    Zofia Bakuła, Poland
  • Soil microbial community changes along elevational gradient in beech forests of Central Slovakia
    Miroslav Caboň, Slovakia
  • Pervasive transmission of a carbapenem resistance plasmid in the gut microbiota of hospitalized patients
    Ricardo León-Sampedro, Switzerland
  • Effects of season and elevation on soil (micro-)biome structure and function of two contrasting Alpine forest sites
    Caroline Poyntner, Austria
  • Role of Candida parapsilosis secreted aspartic proteases in Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC)
    Dhirendra Kumar Singh Singh, Sweden
  • Nanobody-Based Inhibitors of The SOS Response as Potential Suppressors of Antimicrobial Resistance
    Filippo Vascon, Italy
  • Big Data meets Natural Products discovery: mining thousands of bacterial genomes to identify novel sources of drug leads
    Sandra Godinho Silva, Portugal

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