Please find a list of our lecturers below!


Bojan Adzić, Montenegro

Session 10 - Miscellaneous

Bojan Adzic is a forensic expert in the field of veterinary medicine and a prominent expert in the field of veterinary medicine. He is a member of the executive board of the Association of Microbiologists of Montenegro and a member of the Board of the Balkan Society of Microbiologists. He is a member of the Board of Governors of ICGEB.


Ivica Dimkić, Serbia

Session 4 - Plant Microbiology

Associate Research Professor
Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Belgrade - Faculty of Biology

His research focused on the use of beneficial bacteria, especially in biological control against many phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi. Additionally, a complementary expertise to the biotechnological background and bioconservation processes of cultural heritage are also within main interests.


Ener Cagri Dinleyici, Turkey

Session 7 - Advanced Microbiology Techniques, Microbiomes and Microbiota

Dr. Dinleyici’s work focuses on microbiome, pediatric vaccine preventable disease (especially meningococcal vaccines), pediatric infectious disease, pediatric intensive care. He has certification for advanced vaccinology. He is the principal investigator of finalized or ongoing clinical trials about microbiome, pre/probiotics and vaccines. 


Matthew Jenner, United Kingdom

Session 5 - Trends in prevention and control of Emerging and Re-emerging Infections (Vaccines and other Strategies)

Dr. Matthew Jenner

Assistant Professor of Biological Mass Spectrometry
Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, UK


Stipan Jonjić, Croatia

Round Table Session: One Health Paradigm: COVID 19 – Lessons learned 

Stipan Jonjic, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair - Center for Proteomics
Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka, Croatia



Livia Leoni, Italy

Session 5 - Trends in prevention and control of Emerging and Re-emerging Infections (Vaccines and other Strategies)

Prof. Livia Leoni, PhD
University Roma Tre
Department of Science
Microbial Biotechnology Lab
Rome, Italy



Alessandro Marcello, Italy

Round Table Session: One Health Paradigm: COVID 19 – Lessons learned  

Alessandro Marcello, PhD
Head, Laboratory of Molecular Virology
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB)
Trieste, ITALY


Aleksa Obradovic, Serbia

Session 4 - Plant Microbiology
Professor Aleksa Obradovic
Faculty of Agriculture
University of Belgrade, Serbia


Kalliope Papadopoulou, Greece

Session 4 - Plant Microbiology
Kalliope Papadopoulou
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 
University of Thessaly,
Biopolis, 41500, Larissa, Greece


Dimitrios Paraskevis, Greece

Round Table Session: One Health Paradigm: COVID 19 – Lessons learned
Dimitrios Paraskevis' research interests lie in the fields of epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, virus evolution, molecular diagnostics, applications of molecular epidemiology in the design and implementation of public health and therapeutic interventions, as well and viral resistance to antivirals. 


Peter Raspor, Slovenia

Session 2 - Food Microbiology
Peter Raspor, started as Baker, continued as Food Technology engineer, received dr of biotechnological sciences, professor emeritus University of Ljubljana, holder of three honorable doctorates and academies, mentor of 55 doctoral students, designer of biotechnology and food safety master and doctoral programs. 


Maja Ravnikar, Slovenia

Session 6 - Environmental Microbiology
Prof Dr Maja Ravnikar is the director of the National Institute of Biology and a full professor of biotechnology at the University of Nova Gorica, Jožef Stefan International Undergraduate School and University of Ljubljana. Her research expertise encompass virology, biotechnology, molecular diagnostics, high-throughput sequencing, characterization of therapeutic viruses. 


Nathalie Sauvonnet, France

Session 7 - Advanced Microbiology Techniques, Microbiomes and Microbiota

Nathalie Sauvonnet leads a small team at the Institut Pasteur Paris. She is expert in cell biology and microbiology with a particular focus on host-pathogen interaction. She recently developed organ-on-chip technology to investigate the impact of mechanical forces on the gut tissue microenvironment and during pathogen invasion (bacteria parasite and viruses). Sh


Sonja Smole Mozina, Slovenia

Session 2 - Food Microbiology
Sonja Smole Možina is a professor of Food Microbiology at Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her work focuses on microbial ecology of foods, transmission of food-borne pathogens, microbial interactions and natural antimicrobials for food safety management.


Maja Stanojević, Serbia

Session 1 - Emerging Infections (fungal, bacterial, parasitic)
Maja Stanojevic is professor of microbiology at University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine. Her areas of research and expertise include virus diversity and evolution, emerging and chronic viral infections and co-infections, host-pathogen interaction, bioinformatics and phylogenetic analysis in microbiology.


Rune Stensvold, Denmark

Session 7 - Advanced Microbiology Techniques, Microbiomes and Microbiota
Christen Rune Stensvold (MSc, PhD), is a senior scientist has been employed at the Department of Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark since 2004.
Research interests:

  • Genetic diversity, host specificity and evolutionary aspects of intestinal protists
  • Epidemiology and clinical significance of common intestinal protists
  • and more

Edit Szekely, Romania

Session 3 - Antimicrobial Resistance – Challenges and Perspectives
Edit Székely MD, PhD
Associate Professor at the Department of Microbiology of the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology GE Palade from Târgu-Mureș
Medical microbiologist at Mureș County Emergency Hospital in Târgu-Mureș
Field of activity: antimicrobial resistance, molecular epidemiology, antibiotic stewardship



Evangelos Topakas, Greece

Session 8 - Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology

Evangelos Topakas is an Associate Professor leading the Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis group (InduBioCat) in the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His primary objective is to develop fungal lignocellulolytic enzymes to be utilized for the production of energy and added-value products in the concept of Industrial Biorefineries.


Jack Truu, Estonia

Session 6 - Environmental Microbiology
Prof. Jaak Truu is the president of the Estonian Society for Microbiology and leader of the research group in environmental microbiology and biotechnology at the University of Tartu, Estonia.


Jan Roelof van der Meer, Switzerland


Jan Maarten van Dijl, Netherlands

Session 8 - Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology
Jan Maarten van Dijl is Professor of Molecular Bacteriology at the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands. He earned his PhD degree in Mathematics and Natural Sciences in 1990 at the University of Groningen. As a postdoctoral researcher, he was affiliated with the University of Groningen and the Biozentrum of the University of Basel, SUI.


Vittorio Venturi, Italy

Session 4 - Plant Microbiology
Vittorio Venturi is a Group Leader and Scientific Coordinator at the ICGEB, Trieste. His studies focus on intercellular signaling in bacteria, more precisely (i) how plant associated bacteria undergo interspecies communication and interkingdom signaling with plants and (ii) plant microbiomes and the development of microbial products for a more sustainable agriculture.


Dejan Vidanović, Serbia

Session 7 - Advanced Microbiology Techniques, Microbiomes and Microbiota
Dejan Vidanovic is a senior research associate at the Veterinary Specialist Institute in Kraljevo, Serbia. His focus is on application of classical and molecular methods (including NGS) for the isolation, identification and characterization of animal and zoonotic pathogenic microorganisms.


Ken Ichi Yoshida, Japan

Session 8 - Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology
Ken is the first FEMS Ambassador to Japan. He serves as Full Professor of Applied Microbiology at Kobe University, conducting his research team to study functional genomics of Bacillus species and its application.


Jelena Zindovic, Montenegro